Working with People with Age Related Dual Sensory Loss

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Image: Age Related Dual Sensory LossBy far the largest population of deafblind people, the communication needs of older people with age-related combined sight and hearing loss are often overlooked. It is often seen as a hidden disability and part of the natural ageing process.

The emotional and psychological impacts of ageing, alongside deteriorating health and physical well-being and the loss of communication can impact on identity and self and it is easy to understand how older people may become withdrawn and isolated.

Various studies have been completed about successful ageing and well-being in later life; It is participation and engagement in community that supports and values older people that has the capacity to improve and enhance health and well-being.  The ability to communicate effectively and have access to information is central to this focus to the needs of older people.

Age-related sight and hearing loss is a deteriorating condition. Early identification and support is crucial to maintaining relationships and supporting communication, before the loss of confidence and motivation to relearn or redevelop skills may happen.

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What the workshop covers:

  • Overview of Deafblindness
  • Simulation and Practical exercises
  • Some Common Age-Related  Eye Conditions
  • Age Related Hearing loss
  • Impacts of Age Related Dual Sensory Loss
  • Social Isolation
  • How you might identify a person with age related dual sensory loss
  • Communication Methods 1-1 and in Group Settings
  • How to provide accessible information
  • Case Studies
  • Support and Equipment
  • Reflection on Current Practice

Image: Who For?
Who the workshop is for:

This workshop is intended for organisations that support older people and covers age related issues of combined sight and hearing loss, including day centres, community groups, volunteers, carers and frontline staff.

All workshop participants receive a comprehensive Hand-out and Certificate of Training.

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Additional information:

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