Update on the 3T’s Redevelopment of the Hospital Public and Patient Design Panel

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December Update

Decision on releasing the money for 3T’s Hospital Redevelopment is expected shortly.

Planning approval for the £420 million scheme for the 3 T’s Redevelopment was granted almost two years ago. However, they are now waiting on the final agreement from the Treasury and Department of Health to make the funds available.

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September Update on 3T’s Public and Patient Design Panel

After the summer break, the 3T’s Public and Patient Design Panel gathered for the September Meeting.

3T’s Decant

The main presentation was about the plans for decant across the following locations:

  • St Mary’s Hall School
  • Brighton General Hospital
  • Front Car Park Building
  • Sussex Cancer Centre
  • Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital (paediatric audiology)
  • The 3 storey Courtyard Building
  • North Service Road building
  • Linen Store
  • Waste Store

He explained that the area required to be decanted is 21% RSCH site area Some of the new provision would have a life span of 10 years, so the standard was of a high specification.

There was a discussion about the difficulties in safely running clinical services during the construction period (such as MRI). John reassured the group that the risks were being worked through in detail and mitigation strategies were in place, such as using alternative provision elsewhere if necessary.

The group appreciated the complexity of the task and hoped that communications to patients would be clear so that people would be able to find the new locations without too much trouble.

Please click here to download the 3T’s Decant Delivery Overview

EPR Electronic Patient Records 

As part of the efficiency program at BSUH, a discussion was held about the potential savings from the introduction of the Electronic Patients Record (ERP). John outlined some of the multiple processes currently used within different departments at BSUH and suggested that streamlining processes (including electronic records) would create a better patient experience as well as save money.

Having accessible up to date records and data that staff, multi-disciplinary teams and clinicians can access easily, should bring benefits in many ways:

  • Ability to alert staff to patient’s individual communication needs
  • Improved access to patient history and reduce need for patients to continually repeat themselves,  especially for those with additional communication difficulties
  • Improved communication with patients care will help alleviate concerns and increase patients confidence and satisfaction in the care they are receiving.
  • Use of standard approaches for delivery of health care
  • Reduce Clinical Risks
  • Reduce issues at Discharge, especially with more complex cases
  • Improvement of patients booking services and clinical scheduling, to help to increase communication and streamline care.

The group agreed that this improved communication for booking services would be beneficial providing people without computers weren’t disadvantaged. There was consensus that choice would be important.

For more information on the 3T’s Project, visit their website

May Meeting of Public and Patients Design Panel

Image: 3Ts RedevelopmentEvery year, more than 55,000 physical assaults (155 per day) are reported against NHS staff across the UK. Brighton and Sussex University Hospital (BSUH) is overrepresented in the statistics and although this could be because of the high level of reporting, nevertheless Brighton is a holiday destination with the associated alcohol related violence.

The Trust is trying to reduce violence through design initiatives aimed at improving the information to patients and visitors, so that patients would feel less anxious and therefore might be less aggressive. They are looking at a number of other solutions to address this, including training in therapeutic interventions, provision of quiet spaces and improved record keeping.

Sky Gardens or Roof Top Space:

The Trust is working with Wakehurst Place to ensure that planting is appropriate and a Wild Flower garden is going to be planted in one of the inaccessible roof top spaces.

  • For the latest update and design plans visit the BSUH website.

Image: 3Ts News

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