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FACS specialises in Communication, Accessibility and Deafblind Awareness Training, providing a range of Specialist Workshops that support staff, in various settings, to understand the unique and diverse needs of deafblind people.

Image: Specialist Workshops

The key aim of the FACS Communication and Accessibility Workshops are to break down barriers and assumptions about working with people with single and dual sensory loss and explore ways that provide outcomes to enable autonomy, choice, control and dignity.

All workshops provide a related case study or scenario to discuss and opportunities to reflect on current practices and key areas where practice can be improved. Safeguarding issues and risk factors associated with the implicit nature of deafblindness are discussed, as well as ways for developing appropriate prevention strategies.

FACS recognises the importance of offering a flexible and value for money approach to training. In the current economic climate of funding and budget cuts, it is often difficult to release staff members for a whole day’s training without adversely affecting staff and service levels.

Some workshops are available for evenings or weekends or can be divided into two sessions. All day workshops can also be delivered, these will cover areas in more depth and include mobility and guiding techniques.

Suitable training venues are to be provided by the client or a local venue will be booked by FACS and costs to be added to the total cost. Travel and accommodation costs are not included.

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