Training Needs Analysis

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Central to FACS philosophy is the need to raise awareness of the unique communication needs of deafblind people.

Working with stakeholders, FACS will evaluate your compliance with the requirements of LAC(DH)(2009)6 from the perspectives of training, policies and processes, and will tailor training packages around any identified needs.

Image: Training Needs AnalysisThrough workshops and experiential learning to support people’s understanding of these specific needs which allows them to feel better equipped and skilled to meet the needs of the service users; customers they work with.

FACS also recognises the importance of offering a flexible and value for money approach to training.  In the current economic climate of funding and budget cuts, it is often difficult to release staff members for a whole day’s training without it adversely effecting staffing levels. FACS offers some workshops in the evening or at weekends, or split into two parts.

FACS aims to provide good quality training that suits your requirements and staffing levels.  A Training Needs Analysis helps you to identify your key areas of training requirements within the diversity of disability.


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