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These are just a few of the testimonials and course feedback comments that have been received, working as a Practitioner, Consultant and Trainer in the diverse field of deafblindness.

Barbara Harris
Head of Equality, Diversity and Human Rights
Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

Barbara HarrisI would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the hard work and effort you are putting into our ‘Dual Sensory Loss’ workshops; “The Journey of a Deafblind Patient”.

The feedback from those who have attended has been very positive and in some cases is making us re-evaluate, as a large Acute Teaching Hospital, how we are providing services for patients with dual sensory loss. As you are aware there is great work happening in our eye hospital, dementia wards, LDLT and I thank you for your ongoing involvement.

I look forward also to continuing to work with you during 2015.

Josie Fray, Director of Indigo Access ltd.


Indigo Access ltd is proud to work in partnership with Nikola Fieldhouse and FACS ltd to deliver high quality specialist Deafblind Assessments Required under Section 7 (2001) of the Local Authority Act (1970).

It is evident through these assessments that Nikola strives to ensure the very best possible outcomes for people with dual sensory loss.

We are excited about developing our working relationship with FACS.

Mark Gray, CEO National Network for Learning Disability Nursing (NNLDN)

Image: Mark GrayI have known Nikola since 2005 when I was Head of Regional Services for Deafblind UK. Nikola was a star graduate of the Diploma in Deafblind studies and was one of Deafblind UK’s Key Regional Development Officers. Nikola is a proficient practitioner in Deafblind communication and has an exceptional manner in the way she works and interacts with Deafblind people. She is an experienced trainer and workshop leader and has developed considerable skills in this area of work, including the development of a communications toolkit and excellent training materials.

Nikola has also been involved in a range of equality projects including the development of the physical environment for deafblind people in relation to physical and communication access issues with her local NHS Trust and is a provider of specialist deafblind assessments required under Section 7 (2001) of the Local Authority Act (1970).

I am extremely happy and proud to be associated with her continuing work at Fieldhouse Accessibility and Communication Services (FACS) through my company Mark Gray Associates Ltd.

Charles Ellis, Partner, C E Access – Access Consultants and Training

Image: Charles EllisI worked with Nikola during the production of an access appraisal of the 1 to 200 plans for the 3Ts hospital redevelopment in Brighton. Nikola worked with me in the development of a workshop for disabled groups in Brighton, where the results of the access appraisal were discussed. The aims of the workshop were to explain the redevelopment and receive feedback about disabled access.

Nikola helped me plan the workshop, deliver the presentation and facilitate a subgroup which considered the optimal environment within the built environment for deaf/hearing impaired people. Nikola then fed back the conclusions of the subgroup to the workshop. Nikola’s expertise in this area was invaluable.

Nikola’s work was of the highest quality. Her creative and innovative approach ensured the workshop was productive and beneficial to the project. I was extremely impressed by her empathetic approach which shone through when working with and liaising with the attendees. She immediately developed a rapport with the stakeholders which again, contributed to the success of the event. I look forward to working again with Nikola in the future.

Image: 3Ts LogoDr Anna Barnes, Associate Director 3T’s RSCH Hospital Redevelopment, Programme Office and Governance

Nikola has been a member of the Patient Public Design Panel at the Royal Sussex County Hospital for 3 years, working on the redevelopment of the site from a patient/public perspective.

She has provided expert advice on dual sensory loss, as well as providing support and access to people in the locality with these impairments who might find it difficult to attend public meetings.

Nikola has advocated on behalf of this marginalised group from a position of great knowledge and a wealth of personal experience. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Daughter and Carer of Deafblind Lady

Image: Member of Deafblind GroupWe have known Nikola for several years and she has supported my mother, who is now nearly 103 and profoundly deaf and blind, in many different ways.

My Mum joined her Deafblind Social Group and Nikola always made sure she was able to come and be supported at the groups and that gave us some respite and Mum really enjoyed going to them.

Image: Rainbow GroupShe has also been a very good friend and now Mum is in a nursing home, arranges for her deafblind friends to continue to visit her in the home.

She always keeps in touch with my husband and myself by telephone and visits; she has been very helpful to us over the years.

Neighbourhood Care Scheme Volunteers – Communication Workshop Course Attendees

Image: Quote “All enjoyable and very helpful, we need more of the same! It’s all one big learning Curve”

“I have learnt how more patience and understanding is essential when working with people who have sight and hearing problems”

“Understanding how much that loss of incidental information for deafblind people contributed to isolation was really helpful. I learnt how to find an initial point of contact and different methods of communication using gestures and visual clues. I would like more information about communication with people who have more serious hearing and visual difficulties”

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