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John’s 90th Birthday

We’re looking forward to celebrating John’s 90th birthday, with afternoon tea, friends old and new, on the Friday 12th October.

JULY 2012

Kate’s Summer Lunch Party 20th July

Kate Darwin, long-time friend and volunteer of and to deafblind people in Brighton, held her Annual Summer Luncheon of the long-standing Deafblind Rainbow Group.

Image: Kate's Annual LunchWe had a small gathering and toasted friends over the years; old and new, gone but not forgotten.

June 25th – 1st July was National Deafblind Awareness Week. Sense, a leading Deafblind Charity’s theme for the week wasbelonging and participation. Nikola’s Rainbow groups started over ten years ago, recognising the need for social groups that met the diverse nature and communication needs of deafblindness. The aim of these groups were to create enabling environments where deafblind people had a sense of belonging and participation, developing confidence, providing peer group support and the building of supportive relationships and lasting friendships.

Her Practice Dissertation in 2008, ‘Isolation is not an Option’ explored the challenges and barriers faced by deafblind to participate in mainstream services. Recognising that specialist services are crucial to enable deafblind people to lead lives that they want and help alleviate social isolation.

Some of the comments from Nikola’s research were as follows:

Image: Quote“… gives me company, we all contribute”

“It is helpful, I like being part of a group”

“…makes me focus on life”

“I feel comfortable in the group”

“day services … I could not communicate … they gave me playing cards I could not see, no one spoke to me, I felt really lonely, I should have stayed at home and not bothered.  I do not recognise faces; it made me feel ashamed and rude.”


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