New for 2014 – Disability Access Audit Training for NHS Trusts

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Disability Access Audit Training for NHS Trusts and Private Hospitals

Fieldhouse Ellis Associates (FEA) have created a Disability Access Audit Workshop for NHS Trusts and Private Hospitals that not only provides practical information and awareness but gives opportunities for continual staff development, empowering staff to identify areas in which practice can be improved and how to make recommendations for change.

The workshops were developed originally for a London teaching hospital where the programme of training staff to be more aware of access issues for disabled people is ongoing. The idea behind the workshops was developed in conjunction with the Director of Learning and Development in order to train a group of staff who could undertake access reviews of their departments and wards.

Feedback from staff who have undertaken the workshops has been excellent to date, not only in terms of providing information to undertake access reviews, but also in raising an understanding of the needs of disabled and older patients, relatives and carers.

The aim is to support staff to ensure that services are accessible and inclusive and that they understand some of the ongoing challenges that people with a range of disabilities face in hospital environments.

We feel that it is important to emphasise that these workshops are not just about physical accessibility but also relate to working with people with sensory, learning and communicative disabilities and how to consider creating good communicative environments that are meaningful and open for all.

As ageing populations are set to rise, we recognise that the communication needs of this group, who are more likely to have an age-related combined sight and hearing loss, are largely overlooked; understanding that the quality of the communication relationships and environments can significantly impact on interaction and intervention.

The training workshops are based on a presentation, films, experiential exercises, practical audits, discussion and contribution from participants and will cover the following areas:

  • definitions, diversity and impacts relating to physical, sensory and learning disabilities
  • important legislation and mandatory guidance, specific for the NHS,  public and private sector
  • explanation of what an access audit is and why one is needed
  • how to conduct an access audit with guidance on how to use the audit checklist

Throughout the training, the content and materials used will be centred around the NHS and private hospitals and use realistic examples based on local circumstances. All sessions will be interactive with an emphasis on developing practical skills in an atmosphere that is enjoyable.

If you would like to know more, please contact:

Nikola Fieldhouse –

Charles Ellis –


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