How to Make Your Business Accessible

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It is often the physical environment; provision of accessible toilets, access ramps and hearing loops and good signage that is considered when making a business accessible.

Image: Accessible BusinessLooking at the future needs of our increasingly ageing population and age related sensory, health and mobility difficulties. Making reasonable adjustments and anticipating future improvements will benefit other members of the public, including parents using pushchairs, people with short term mobility difficulties, people with intellectual difficulties, making your business safer and more user friendly service.

Loss of independence to make choices that reflect personal preferences are barriers that for many people with disabilities will impact on self-esteem, dignity, self-identity and control.

  • Have your Managers and Staff had Disability Awareness Training that will help give support and confidence to focus on the individuals needs and not the disability?
  • To help provide person-centred services and understanding of the Social and Medical Model of disability, and consideration of the use of language when referring to disability issues.
  • Are you planning any renovations or redecoration to your premises? And how you might consider people with range of access requirements, rather than having to make expensive adjustments and modifications later.
  • Is your website not only accessible to potential customers, but are you able to promote your business and premises as being accessible?
  • Are you able to promote that your staff have had disability awareness training?.

FACS can help you take a holistic approach to the way you make your business accessible and can provide you with full and comprehensive access audits with recommendations for inexpensive, simple, low cost and high impact solutions.

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