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Image: FACS AimsFACS works throughout South East England with Local Authorities, Health Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Care providers, Voluntary sector organisations, businesses, families, carers and individuals.

FACS works in a variety of roles from Dual Sensory Specialist Assessments, Communication Workshops, Diversity training, Consultancy, Environmental and Accessibility Audits and One-to-One Communication Support for people with dual sensory needs.

Image: CrowdWith the changing structures of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and its impact on LA’s and new CCG’s, alongside changing demographics and ageing populations, it is a crucial time to recognise challenges and barriers that affect service provision at delivery level for the range of Deafblind People.

FACS acknowledges we all come from different perspectives and specialisms and we should value and celebrate our expert knowledge by working together in a collaborative and integrated approach. With the aim being to enhance our skills for the benefit of the people we work with.

FACS is looking for exciting opportunities to work with organisations and to share skills, experience and knowledge and help explore possibilities and create opportunities, emphasising the need to promote health and well-being for deafblind people and those with additional disabilities.

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