Deafblind Specialist Assessments

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Image: Specialist AssessmentsFACS offers an experienced and skilled deafblind specialist assessor to meet the requirements of LAC(DH)(2009)6 issued under Section 7 of the LA Social Services Act (1970).

This places a duty on local authorities to identify and make contact with deafblind people to ensure they have access to a specialist assessment, appropriate to their combined sight and hearing loss, ensuring that their unique needs are met.

Significantly, the latest version of Section 7 defines deafblindness as follows:

“Persons are regarded as deafblind if their combined sight and hearing impairment cause difficulties with communication, access to information and mobility.  This includes people with a progressive sight and hearing loss.” (Department of Health 1995) Think Dual Sensory

Taking a person-centred approach, FACS works with a range of deafblind people and aims to meet individual needs, including any specific needs related to age, communication, gender and disability.

FACS has extensive experience and knowledge of specialist services and support that are available at local levels and nationally, and how to support the individual requirements around autonomy, choice, control and dignity.

Specialist assessments can be carried out over one day, or they may require more than one visit, depending on complexity. Ongoing support with recommendations can be provided and reviewed with the service and service user.

Assessments produce comprehensive written reports and recommendations for specialist services and referrals, that take into account all current aspects of the person’s life. Focusing on their ability to access information, communication and mobility as follows and will cover future needs and aspirations.

  • Background
  • Functional assessment of sight and hearing
  • Communication
  • Current Daily Living Skills
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Mobility
  • Personal Perspectives
  • Quality of Life
  • Recreational activities
  • Social and Community Involvement
  • Carers Issues

Deafblind Section 7 Specialist Assessment

  • Costs to be discussed, depending on complexity and time taken.
  • Travel and accommodation costs are not included.

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