Disability and Equality Workshops

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Image: Disability and EqualityThis workshop covers disability and equality issues in the workplace, emphasising the need to provide accessible information and enabling environments, recognising features that could form barriers and considering the range and complexity of disability.

It is designed to develop understanding about disability and recognise areas where access improvements can be applied and information about guidelines and legislation understood to provide best possible environments, using the value of user led experience and universal design.

FACs works with the philosophy of low cost/high Impact enabling wider customer diversity to benefit from improvements to services.

Image: What the workshop covers
The workshop covers:


  • Definitions and Diversity of Disability
  • Facts and Statistics
  • Models of Disability
  • Equality Act 2012
  • Legal Requirements – Duties on Public and Private Sector
  • Inclusive Design
  • How to do an Access Audit
  • Case Studies
  • Reasonable Adjustments
  • Good Practice Guidance
  • Opportunities to reflect on current Practice

All course participants receive a comprehensive hand-out and Certificate of Training.

Image: Who is this workshop for?
Who this workshop is for:

This four hour course is designed for organisations and services to help meet the requirements of Equalities Act 2010 and promote better understanding and awareness of the diverse needs of people with sensory loss.

Image: Information
Additional information:


Suitable training venues to be provided by the client or a local venue will be booked by FACS and costs to be added to above. Travel and accommodations costs are not included.

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