Deafblind Guidance

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The guidance to local authorities is issued under Section 7 of the Local Authority Social Services Act 1970 and is called Social Care for Deafblind Children and Adults (LAC2001)8

Image: Deafblind GuidanceThe Guidance in brief asks local authorities to:

  • Identify, make contact with and keep a record of deafblind people in their catchment area (including those who have multiple disabilities that include dual sensory impairment)
  • Ensure that an assessment is carried out by a specifically trained person or team, equipped to assess the needs of a deafblind person – in particular to assess the need for one-to-one human contact, assistive technology and rehabilitation
  • Ensure that appropriate services are provided to deafblind people, who are not necessarily able to benefit from mainstream services or those services aimed primarily at blind people or deaf people who are able to rely on their other senses
  • Ensure they are able to access specifically trained one-to-one support workers for those people they assess as requiring one.
  • Provide information about services in formats and methods that are accessible to deafblind people
  • Ensure that one member of senior management includes, within their responsibilities, overall responsibility for deafblind services

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