Deafblind Basic Awareness Workshops

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Image: Deafblind Basic AwarenessThis basic awareness workshop is designed to provide an overview of deafblindness and raise awareness of the unique needs of deafblind people.

Participants will explore the various causes of deafblindness and be given opportunities to gain experiential experiences through simulation exercises, enabling them to understand better the various impacts of deafblindness on self-identity, independence and mental health.

Image: Workshop Information
The workshop includes:


  • Definitions and Diversity of Deafblindness
  • How to Identify Deafblind people
  • Impacts and Challenges to  Communication, Access to Information and mobility issues
  • Information on Accessible Formats, Guiding Techniques and Assistive Technology
  • Opportunities to identify further training needs

All course participants receive a comprehensive hand-out and Certificate of Training.

Image: Additional Information
Additional information:


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