Deafblind Awareness Workshops

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FACS has ten years’ experience of working with deafblind people in a range of settings and identifying the individual and unique needs of deafblind people, working with Section 7 (2001) of the Local Authority Act (1970).

Image: Deafblind Awareness WorkshopsThis has enabled FACS to establish strong links and working partnerships within Social Care and Health, Statutory and Voluntary Sector Organisations and led to identifying and developing a range of services, initiatives and projects that enable and support Deafblind people

FACS works with other specialists in the field to provide full day Deafblind Specialist Workshops that cover areas in more depth and further topics, including mobility and guiding techniques, case studies and specialist assessment tools, safeguarding and mental capacity issues.

Image: Deafblind Awareness WorkshopsExplore Deafblind Awareness Workshops:

Suitable training venues to be provided by the client or a local venue can booked by FACS and costs added. Travel and accommodations costs are not included.

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