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FACS offers a consultancy and advice service for people who work in the field of disability, organisations and businesses. We provide access to specialist knowledge, expert advice and information on specialist services that support people with acquired or congenital deafblindness and complex needs.

Deafblind Service Planning

Image: Deafblind Service PlanningHaving spent ten years working for a Local Authority in Deafblind Specialist Assessments (in line with Section 7), FACS is able to help Local Authorities meet the diverse needs of the Deafblind population, by advising on gaps in services and recommendations for provision of specialist services.

How to Make your Business Accessible

Image: Accessible BusinessUnderstanding the accessibility and communication needs of all your customers and services users who have sight, hearing or dual sensory loss, is one  important factor towards your business or organisation meeting the obligations and requirements of the Equality Act 2010.

Bespoke ConsultancyImage: Bespoke Consultancy

Offering a flexible and personalised approach to working with public, private and voluntary sector agencies and deafblind people themselves, FACS provides tailor-made, best practice consultancy with value for money outcomes.

Working Together with other Professionals and Specialists

Image: Working TogetherCentral to the philosophy of FACS is that we all come from different perspectives and different knowledge bases. Sharing our own specialist skills and knowledge is a creative and useful approach to help create best possible environments and services for the deafblind people we work with.

General Deafblind Information and Advice

Image: Information and AdviceFACS has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in dual sensory loss issues, and is happy to provide advice and information around any particular issues relating to dual sensory loss and answer any queries or questions that professionals, carers, families and individuals may have, including signposting onto other services.

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