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FACS are proud to launch a new and improved Communication Toolkit to coincide with our second anniversary; celebrating our successes working in partnership with various organisationssharing specialisms and different perspectives.

The FACS Communication Toolkit – A resource box for working with people combined sight and hearing loss.


The Communication Toolkit provides something that is simple and useful; a quick resource box that will enable staff to support, identify and communicate with people within the diversity of deafblindness.


The Communication Toolkit comes in an easy-to-access red plastic box with a lid and, where appropriate, contents are laminated for infection control.


The Contents can be adapted to meet the needs of different environments; hospital wards, assessment teams, reception areas, care homes, clinics and GP surgeries and can include information to meet specific needs.


FACS are currently working with a large London teaching hospital to create a bespoke Communication Toolkit to meet the diverse needs of their patients.

Full training is provided to enable staff to make best use of this resource, together with deafblind awareness training.

For more information about the Communication Toolkit; the resources, equipment and information included, please contact FACS Ltd at

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