Communication Methods

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These are examples of communication methods used by people who have a range of combined sight and hearing loss and may adapt or use any number of these methods, according to personal preference and different communication environments.

Image: Communication MethodsAny communication method is not prescriptive and should be evolved by the deafblind people themselves.

  • Clear Speech
  • Large print
  • Braille
  • Moon
  • CD/Audio Tape
  • Computer Aided Technology


Image: Objects of ReferenceFor people with who have little or no sight or hearing the following tactile methods may be used:

  • Block Alphabet
  • Deafblind Manual
  • Objects of reference

Human Aids to Communication:Image: Human Aids to Communication

  • Interpreter
  • Deafblind Manual Interpreter
  • Lip Speaker
  • Speech to Text
  • Communicator Guide

To learn more about these communication methods which would be appropriate for the range of deafblind people you work with visit the Communication Workshops page.

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