Deafblindness and Safeguarding Risks

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Deafblindness and Safeguarding

As a member of the Practitioners Alliance for Safeguarding Adults (PASA), FACS are really pleased to be running two workshops for all service providers across Brighton and Hove at the 9th Annual Safeguarding Adults at Risk ConferenceĀ  commencing 5th December

These workshops will explore the increased risks of abuse and harm for deafblind people and will revisit the historic case review of Beverley Lewis. Explaining the key implications for best practice, we will increase deafblind awareness for participants and enable them to meet the unique needs of this vulnerable group.

The important part of safeguarding training is identifying risk factors, within the diverse range of deafblindness; many risk factors can influence each other modulated by any number of factors.

The key to reducing abuse is to ensure that deafblind people are supported by staff that are trained appropriately.

Please see our Training pages for information on how Safeguarding issues are incorporated in our training and communication workshops


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