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About Nikola Fieldhouse

Nikola Fieldhouse is the director and founder of Fieldhouse Accessibility and Communication Services (FACS); a training and consultancy company based in Brighton. FACS specialises in accessibility and communication issues for people within the diversity and broad definition of Nikola Pic 1deafblindness.

Nikola has worked for over ten years as a deafblind specialist assessor under Section 7 (2001) of the Local Authority Act (1970), for Deafblind UK, within Brighton and Hove Adult Social Care.

FACS AimsImage: FACS Aims

With the changing structures of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and its impact on LA’s and new CCG’s, alongside changing demographics and ageing populations, it is a crucial time to recognise challenges and barriers that affect service provision at delivery level for the range of Deafblind People.

Recent and Current Projects

Image: 3Ts RedevelopmentFor the last few months FACS has been involved in a range of projects in the Deafblindness and Disability sectors. These include environmental design, communication workshops, diversity training and Access Audit Workshops.

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