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Fieldhouse Accessibility and Communication Services (FACS) is a disability training and consultancy company, based in Brighton, which specialises primarily in communication and accessibility strategies for people within the diverse range of deafblindness.

Image: FACS Accessibility and Communication

Within the diversity of deafblindness, the largest group of people are those with age-related dual sensory loss. As ageing populations are set to rise, FACS identifies that the communication needs of this group are largely overlooked, resulting in people not receiving the specialist support and intervention they need. We aim to improve awareness of the communication needs of people in older age, to enhance their quality of life and well-being.

FACS works throughout South East England with local authorities, health trusts, clinical commissioning groups, care providers, voluntary sector organisations, businesses, families, carers and individuals.

We provide a range of deafblind specialist services including:

FACS Mission:

To enhance the understanding of the needs of people who are deafblind and to celebrate the diversity within deafblindness; to improve and develop good practice by developing effective communication and accessibility strategies that will enable deafblind people in their daily lives.

FACS Values:

To live in a society that enables choice and control for everyone, something that seeing and hearing people often take for granted. Everyone should be treated as an individual and we should work towards maximising opportunities for deafblind people and aim to tackle prejudices and discrimination.

FACS Purpose:

To explore possibilities and create opportunities for all deafblind people and those with additional disabilities. Through close collaboration between all organisations involved and the real experts, deafblind people themselves, to enable them to make real and meaningful choices; and, by focusing on supporting their communication needs, to enhance their well-being and reduce their isolation.

Image: FACS Home

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